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Get unlimited potential for no upfront costs. Watch your startup grow as you improve and expand your business.

Get compliant and show TRUST now, not in weeks or months.

You host, install on your own setup.




per tenant and up to 5 admins

Everything in Community




per tenant and > 6 admins

Everything in Premium
  • Processor Questionnaire Checklist
  • Cybersecurity Controls + NIST CSF2.0 standard
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Benchmark Report
  • Vendor Assessment Checklist
  • Vendor Report

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Which choice is better appropriate for my business?
If your company is already integrated with the Atlassian Ecosystem, you may choose from a variety of apps and install them according to your requirements. And if you don't utilize Atlassian products like Jira and Confluence Cloud, you can choose solutions from a SaaS platform based on the size of your business.
How do we pay?
You can pay for plugins on Atlassian Marketplace using their payment system, the prices are displayed in USD. And you can use any credit or debit card to pay for the SaaS platform and consulting services using our secured payment service provider.
How are FaaS app prices calculated?
Apps sold through Atlassian Marketplace require a monthly or yearly subscription. For as long as your subscription is active, you are eligible for support and automatic version updates.
You are automatically charged for apps based on the number of users in your instance when your membership renews each month.
If the price of the app changes after you make your initial purchase, you have 60 days to renew based on the previous price.
How can I calculate the cost of a FaaS app?
The number of users in your Atlassian product determines how much an app will cost. The cost of Jira Cloud apps depends on how many Jira products can be used at once on your instance. For instance, you would pay the 50-user fee for apps if you had Jira Software (50 users) and Jira Service Management (10 agents) on the same instance.
Although this app contains functionality exclusive to Jira Software and Jira Service Management, it is technically accessible throughout the whole Jira instance. Thus, the aforementioned recommendations for licensing across the maximum users are still valid.
The following describes the cloud FaaS app price structure:
  • Monthly memberships are payable at a set fee for up to 10 Atlassian product users.
  • For monthly memberships with more than 10 users, each additional user beyond the first is charged separately.
  • Each user is charged separately for monthly subscriptions with more than 100 users. An illustration of price for various user tiers is shown in the pricing table above.
Depending on how many users are purchased, annual subscriptions might offer a discount.
What are the variations between the packages?
Any pre-seed startup with up to 10 users is welcome to use it for free. Growth is intended for startups with up to 150 users who are experiencing growth. Scale, it is intended for startups with more than 150 employees.
May we add more items to our package?
Yes, each extra item adds 10 euros to each user's monthly fee.
Can consulting services be provided locally, remotely, or both?
Depending on the area, we can deliver it locally for a surcharge for travel. However, because our service is intended to be virtual, we primarily deliver it remotely through interviews and video calls. Sometimes a visit is necessary, however this must be planned ahead of time and will incur additional fees.
Does the Consulting as a Service package include the tools?
Yes, if you have previously integrated Atlassian Cloud products and based on your business outlook, we highly recommend choosing our free Atlassian plugins. Otherwise, the SaaS platform can be with discount. Depending on the amount of personnel, we can negotiate the offer.
Does a trial period exist?
Yes, get in touch with us if you need more information.
What further services are available?
Additionally, we may provide services like:
  • External Audit and Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Scalable, cloud-ready, and agile digital transformation
  • ITSM-specific service management and if not listed reach out to us