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Stay secure and compliant with ever-changing
laws and regulations in a single platform

Why Unicis

The go-to Platform for Startups and SMEs wanting to show Cybersecurity TRUST without breaking the bank.
All-in-One Solution

All-in-One Open-Source Solution

An open-source SaaS platform that can be used by many different teams and gives them one place to work.

Intelligent Compliance Tools

Intelligent Compliance Tools

Built-in compliance frameworks, evidence collection, automated audits, AI and real-time monitoring.

Robust Asset Management

Robust Asset Management

Managing data encryption and secure storage to overseeing access control, user authorization, and comprehensive asset tracking.

Save time and costs

Save time & costs

Compliance in no-time while cutting down on costs. Improved operations and increased customer trust by eliminating the need of spreadsheets and screenshots.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Identify, assess and mitigate Cybersecurity risks using the ISO/EIC 27001 ISMS Information Risk Register Template.

Vendor Assessment and Awareness Hub

Vendor Assessment and Awareness Hub

Assess and benchmark vendors effectively and fostering awareness for proactive privacy, security, and compliance measures.


Unicis bridges the distance between multiple departments and unites them in a single platform to conduct daily business.
To many tabsAll-in-one Platform
Break down silos and streamline communication between internal teams and external auditors. Facilitate seamless collaboration, fostering transparency and ensuring a smooth and efficient compliance journey for all parties involved. On average, companies employs 45 security technologies and solutions, and it is challenging to collaborate when data protection, security and compliance tools serve the same purposes. Unicis lets you manage your privacy, security and compliance from one place. Avoid switching between tabs.
Unicis Platform: Task Management
Unicis Platform: Task Management
Unicis Platform: Cybersecurity Management System
Unicis Platform: Cybersecurity Management System
To much manual workAutomate you processes and procedures
Don't let compliance slow you down. Leverage the power of AI to automate workflows and streamline tasks, freeing your team to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives that drive growth. Maintain a comprehensive understanding of your compliance posture with intuitive dashboards and real-time reporting. Proactively identify and address potential risks before they become issues, fostering trust with stakeholders and ensuring audit readiness.
IntegrationEffortless integration
It is easy to integrate with your companies existing internal tools. Check compliance and regulatory requirements every hour and keep compliance at all times. You can say goodbye to spreadsheets, screenshots, and back and forth with auditors by gathering genuine information and evidence in a single place.
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Unicis Platform: API and Webhooks Settings
Unicis Platform: API and Webhooks Settings


Privacy & Data Protection
Cybersecurity & IT Management
Compliance & Legal Management

Unicis Products

Get compliant and show TRUST now, not in weeks or months.
Unicis Platform

An open-core, self-hosted Community Edition and SaaS platform for streamlined compliance, security, and privacy tasks with personalized pricing. BETA

Unicis Apps

If your company uses Atlassian Cloud, choose a set of Unicis Apps and try it yourself for free from the Atlassian Marketplace. Available


Get unlimited potential for no upfront costs. Watch your startup grow as you improve and expand your business.

Get compliant and show TRUST now, not in weeks or months.

You host, install on your own setup.




per tenant and up to 5 admins

Everything in Community




per tenant and > 6 admins

Everything in Premium
  • Processor Questionnaire Checklist
  • Cybersecurity Controls + NIST CSF2.0 standard
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Benchmark Report
  • Vendor Assessment Checklist
  • Vendor Report


We provide you with frameworks, benchmarks, and international standards to help you succeed across industries.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP)ISO/IEC 27001NIST Cybersecurity Framework v2.0EU Cyber Resilience ActEU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)EU NIS 2 DirectivePayment Card Industry Data Security StandardSystem and Organization Controls 2 Type 2The CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber DefenseCloud Controls Matrix (CCM)C5 (Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue)Custom Frameworks


Frequently Asked Question
How we solved the problem?
We are helping startups and small enterprises achieve all your information security, data privacy, risk management and compliance goals, in one place. Visit our comparative post for more information on which solution is best for your organization.
How does Unicis Platform works
We offer solutions for compliance, legal, risk management and cybersecurity team. You can manage your everyday duties in your organization with our Unicis Platform, Unicis Atlassian Apps.
Who will use it?
Managing cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance requires a combination of technical expertise, resources, and a strong commitment to ongoing risk management. It is a challenging task, but it is essential for organizations to prioritize these issues in order to protect their sensitive data and assets. Visit our Use Case page for more information.
How does it fit into the workflow of a business?
The workflow of a cybersecurity, legal, privacy, risk and compliance team will depend on the specific needs and goals of the organization. However, there are some common tasks and activities that may be carried out by such team. And Unicis is helping an organization protect its sensitive data and assets, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
What are the prices and payment terms?
Our prices are available on our Pricing page. As for payment terms, we offer a 15-day free trial for our Premium and Ultimate plans. For more information, please review our Terms and Conditions.
Can I try Unicis Platform for free?
Yes, you can try Unicis Platform for free. During our Alpha, Beta, and Early Access phases, the platform is available at no cost. This allows you to test and experience the full range of features without any financial commitment. Once we transition to General Access, we will offer a 15-day free trial for all new users. After the trial period, you can continue using the platform by selecting a pricing plan that suits your needs. For more information, please visit our Pricing page.
What frameworks does Unicis support?
It supports the following List of Frameworks.


Keep up with the latest developments and gain early access to Unicis solutions and products.