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Version: 1.0.439

What is Unicis

All-in-one privacy, security & compliance FaaS apps, SaaS platform, and Marketplace for startups and businesses of all sizes

Why Unicisā€‹

With Unicis, you can improve your compliance operations and increase consumer trust by eliminating the need for burdensome spreadsheets. It can assist your operations management, legal, cybersecurity, and procurement teams in concentrating on what is most important. And many more teams that must adhere to privacy, security, and compliance regulations.

Get startedā€‹

There are two ways to use Unicis.Tech:

  • FaaS: Function-as-a-Service Apps for Atlassian Cloud
  • SaaS: Software-as-a-Service Unicis.App plaform
  • CaaS: Consulting-as-a-Service Unicis Marketplace


The following module solutions are available from Unicis:


Privacy and Data Protection Management solutions:

Record of Processing Activities

Transfer Impact Assessment


Cyber Security Management and IT Security solutions

Cybersecurity Controls


Compliance and Regulatory Legal requirements solutions

Interactive Awareness Program