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Version: 1.2.4

What is Unicis

Unicis Ecosystem

Unicis is a revolutionary all-in-one privacy, security, and compliance solution. Unicis is designed to help startups and enterprises of all sizes protect sensitive data, provide solid security measures, and easily comply with industry laws.

Unicis is a comprehensive open-source core platform that integrates cutting-edge technology, advanced encryption, and intelligent compliance tools at its core. It gives you a centralized location to handle all aspects of your organization's privacy, security, and compliance requirements.

You can say goodbye to the bother of juggling different tools and solutions with Unicis. Our solution provides a unified experience with a wide range of functions. Unicis covers check list how to handle sensitive information, from data encryption and secure storage to access control and user authorization.

Unicis goes above and beyond basic security by combining intelligent compliance features. With built-in compliance frameworks, automated audits, and real-time monitoring, you can easily keep up with ever-changing rules. You can keep your company compliant and prevent potential legal liabilities.

Furthermore, our Atlassian Apps offer a plethora of other tools to supplement your Unicis experience. Discover a diverse set of connectors, plugins, and extensions that will allow you to personalize and enhance your privacy, security, and compliance operations.

Unicis is a strong solution that enables companies to function effectively in a fast-paced digital landscape. With Unicis, embrace the future of privacy, security, and compliance and catapult your company to new heights of success.

Why Unicis

With Unicis, you can improve your compliance operations and increase consumer TRUST by eliminating the need for burdensome spreadsheets. It can assist your operations management, legal, cybersecurity, IT, thirdparty and procurement teams in concentrating on what is most important. Build and tested by community, and many more teams that must adhere to privacy, security, and compliance regulations.

All-in-One Solution

All-in-One Open-Source Solution

An open-source SaaS platform that can be used by many different teams and gives them one place to work.

Intelligent Compliance Tools

Intelligent Compliance Tools

Built-in compliance frameworks, evidence collection, automated audits, AI and real-time monitoring.

Robust Asset Management

Robust Asset Management

Managing data encryption and secure storage to overseeing access control, user authorization, and comprehensive asset tracking.

Atlassian Ecosystem Apps

Atlassian Ecosystem Apps

Explore a set of apps via Atlassian Marketplace as FaaS and enhanced experience in managing privacy, security, and compliance operations.

Spreadsheet and Tabs Burden

Spreadsheet & Tabs Burden

Improved compliance operations and increased consumer trust by eliminating the need for burdensome spreadsheets and screenshots.

Vendor Assessment and Awareness Hub

Vendor Assessment and Awareness Hub

Assess and benchmark vendors effectively and fostering awareness for proactive privacy, security, and compliance measures.

Get started

There are two ways to use Unicis:


The following solutions are available from Unicis:

Privacy & Data Protection Management

Privacy and Data Protection Management solutions

Record of Processing Activities

Transfer Impact Assessment

Privacy Impact Assessment

Right to Erasure Request Form

Processor Questionnaire Checklist

Cybersecurity & IT Security Management

Cyber Security Management and IT Security solutions

Cybersecurity Controls: MVSP, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & 2022, NIST CSF2.0

Secure Fleet Manager

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Vendor Assessment Checklist

Compliance & Legal Management

Compliance and Regulatory Legal requirements solutions

Interactive Awareness Program

Benchmark Report

Vendor Report


Unicis solution could help you to be compliant with the following frameworks, benchmarks, international standards, and regulations.

Security Standards and Frameworks

Data and Privacy Protection Regulations