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· 3 min read
Alexander Eklöf

The concept of a Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP) is becoming increasingly relevant. With data breaches and cyber threats on the rise, it's paramount for startups to embed security into the very foundation of their products. In this blog post, we'll explore what MVSP entails and why it's a minimum security baseline for startups aiming to make their mark securely and successfully.

· 12 min read
Predrag Tasevski

We are thrilled to announce the integration of new cybersecurity controls for Jira, aimed at elevating the security posture of your organization. In addition to the default Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP), we have incorporated the ISO/IEC 27001 standards for both 2013 and the latest 2022 version. Furthermore, we are aligning our controls with the upcoming EU NIS Directive, contributing to a common and converged level of security in network and information systems.

· 2 min read
Predrag Tasevski

Unicis.Tech has joined a fantastic group of contributors to a Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP) project to assist startups and SMEs in tackling cybersecurity and privacy problems early on in order to reduce risks, assure compliance, build consumer confidence, and gain a competitive edge. For this reason we created a Unicis Cybersecurity Control app for Atlassian Jira using the Forge platform as a result.