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Privacy & Data Protection Management

Data privacy and protection management is a collection of tools and processes used by companies to manage their privacy programs and ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations. This includes responding to customer or data subject requests, mapping sensitive data, and cooperating across organizational teams. Privacy managers and DPOs typically use data privacy management tools, but they also allow IT teams and other staff to manage data access, modification, or deletion requests. These technologies enable businesses examine, analyse, track, and report on the privacy implications of their data by automating manual operations, providing visibility, and leveraging reporting tools.


All-in-One Solution

All-in-One Open-Source Solution

An open-source SaaS platform that can be used by many different teams and gives them one place to work.

Intelligent Compliance Tools

Intelligent Compliance Tools

Built-in compliance frameworks, evidence collection, automated audits, AI and real-time monitoring.

Robust Asset Management

Robust Asset Management

Managing data encryption and secure storage to overseeing access control, user authorization, and comprehensive asset tracking.

Atlassian Ecosystem Apps

Atlassian Ecosystem Apps

Explore a set of apps via Atlassian Marketplace as FaaS and enhanced experience in managing privacy, security, and compliance operations.

Spreadsheet and Tabs Burden

Spreadsheet & Tabs Burden

Improved compliance operations and increased consumer trust by eliminating the need for burdensome spreadsheets and screenshots.

Vendor Assessment and Awareness Hub

Vendor Assessment and Awareness Hub

Assess and benchmark vendors effectively and fostering awareness for proactive privacy, security, and compliance measures.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP)ISO/IEC 27001NIST Cybersecurity Framework v2.0EU NIS 2 DirectivePayment Card Industry Data Security StandardSystem and Organization Controls 2 Type 2The CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber DefenseCloud Controls Matrix (CCM)C5 (Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue)

Unicis Products

Get compliant and show TRUST now, not in weeks or months.
Unicis Platform

An open-core, self-hosted Community Edition and SaaS platform for streamlined compliance, security, and privacy tasks with personalized pricing. BETA

Unicis Apps

If your company uses Atlassian Cloud, choose a set of Unicis Apps and try it yourself for free from the Atlassian Marketplace. Available


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