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Version: 1.2.2

Interactive Awareness Program for Confluence



Confluence's low-cost learning management solution for security, privacy, and compliance trainings

A corporation must provide required IT security, privacy, data, and compliance awareness training. Vendors, however, offer training through their portal. Customers and staff must switch between the portal and URL simultaneously, else they run the danger of disregarding email invitations. There are just three learning management systems (LMS) made especially for trainings available in the Marketplace for Atlassian Cloud. We were driven to create a simple, low-cost Confluence software to satisfy a need for the employees of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and Compliance Officer to produce, communicate, and coordinate work across teams in one spot.

Three main features are provided by Unicis IAP:

  1. Offers an admin interface for creating training by category, adding information, and creating a quiz to assess the participant's understanding.
  2. Provides a list with the trainings that are available to the user and group, along with their status, required time, and success rates.
  3. Gives auditors a compliance report that details training status, average passed and failed scores, and other information.



Unicis IAP is developed with Atlassian Forge platform. Hence, it can be only installed in Atlassian Confluence product. It requires read, write, manage and storage access to your Confluence account, because the IAP are stored in your Atlassian Cloud instance, and not shared with Unicis. Unfortunately, it can not be installed for Server and Data Jira set up.


During the installation you will be requested to grant access to third party, such as:

Atlassian Marketplace

This third-party access is a result of the course material. The data is not shared with Unicis in any way!


Only users with administrator permissions or space administrators have the ability to create and manage courses. The user can simply watch them and take part in the test or quiz.


  1. Provides an admin interface for categorizing training, adding content, and creating quizzes to gauge participant comprehension.
  2. A list of all the trainings that are offered to the groups, including information on their status, length of time needed, and success rates.
  3. Creates a printable PDF certificate for each participant with the selected organization's name.
  4. Provides auditors with a compliance report that details the progress of the training, the typical passed and failed scores, and other data.
  5. After installation, there are three categories by default: IT Security, Data Privacy, and Compliance. Users are free to add other categories at any time.


To configure and use IAP please use the below steps.

Administrative setup and configuration

After istalling the application follow the step:

  1. Apps (top header on Confluence)
  2. Click on Manage apps -> Allow access
  3. On the left sidebar click on Unicis IAP Admin and you will be able to configure the awareness training courses

Features in admin section:

  • List of courses
  • Filter by category
  • Filter by Status
    • To Do. When no users have begun the training
    • In Progress. When users have started it
    • Completed. When users have finished it
  • Per page
  • Sort by columns
  • Actions:
    • Edit
    • Completion Results
    • Status Results
    • Delete

Already-created course can be edited is while it is in the To Do status.

Unicis IAP Admin

Company details

By clicking the gear button, you may add corporate information to create a PDF certificate. This will enable the unique organization name to be supplied on your employees' certificates.


IT Security, Data Privacy, and Compliance are the pre-defined categories that come standard with the Unicis IAP app. By selecting the + Category option, entering the Category name, then selecting Save, you can add as many particular categories as you like.

Create Course

When you select + Course, a Modal Dialog will walk you through creating a new course.

  • Name of the course.
  • Choose a Category for the course after that.

Course Content Types

Add URL link to YouTube video, Copy/Paste video URL[number]

Enrol Groups

Select one or mutiple groups to enrol to the course.


In the current edition, a single user cannot be enrolled. Forge has a limitation like this.

All users who are a part of the selected group on the instance are therefore welcome to attend the training.

Provide URL for a picture thumbnail to be showed into the course card list.


For a course, you can currently only add Unsplash thumbnail images. The IAP logo is the default value if this argument is left empty.



The training can include four different kinds of quiz questions.

Question Types

Single check box. Only one answer is correct.

The standard for passing is >=70% of the correct answers. Any trainee with less than 70% incorrect responses will fail the training.

Course Actions

  • Edit
  • Course Completion Results
  • Course Status Results
  • Delete

Only when a course is in the To Do stage is it editable. It is not possible to change or update the course's content while a status is set to In Progress (when at least one training has begun) or Completed (when users in the related group have finished the training).

Course Results

Report per users with full compliant completion results and pie chart.

The standard for passing is >=70% of the correct answers. Any trainee with less than 70% incorrect responses will fail the training.

User Course List

To access the course card, click on Apps and then on Unicis IAP Course list option.

Presented on a course list card are a thumbnail image, the course's name, category, status, and an expected training duration.


  • Filter by category
  • Filter by status

Unicis IAP Admin

Course Content and Quiz

The course name and a progress bar of questions to be answered are displayed when you choose a course. You must answer the questions listed below the course material, after which you must click Next.

Unicis IAP Quiz


After clicking Next, there is no way to go back or amend your response.

Course Results


Only when the user receives a PASSED result and the proper response rate is >=70% may a certificate be issued. If not, it fails.

Unicis IAP Results

Course Certificate

You will be given the option to download a PDF certificate after completing a course or training by selecting Download certificate only if it is PASSED.

Unicis IAP Cert


Please check the Atlassian Cloud app pricing overview.


IAP can perform the following actions on behalf of the user:

  • App Storage scope
  • Read and write to app storage service
  • Create and manage pages
  • Create and edit pages and issue in Jira and Confluence
  • Before you revoke permissions, we recommend you to notify the user as they will lose access to the app.

Technical details

IAP is build on Forge Custom UI and will be installed with the following scopes:

  • read:me
  • read:confluence-user
  • read:confluence-groups
  • storage:app

IAP app will exchange data with the following urls:




Patched security vulnerability


Fixed minor bug issues






Minor version update


Major release