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· 4 min read
Predrag Tasevski

Greetings and best wishes for a secure, privacy, and compliant new year for you, your loved ones, and your business!

The European Union and the United States entered into the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which enables US businesses to obtain personal data from the EU in accordance with EU data protection rules. However, Schrems II, which the EU Court of Justice rejected in July 2020, is no longer in use. This makes it impossible for companies to use it to move personal data from the EU to the US.

· 3 min read
Predrag Tasevski

The majority of organizations nowadays place a strong emphasis on their brand value and reliable client relationships. Companies are forced to consider security measures and their solutions as a result, which include ISO 27001 accreditation or the SOC 2 framework. Due to these reasons, corporate behavior is affected globally.

· 5 min read
Predrag Tasevski

GDPR calls for a complete strategy for data safety, compliance, governance and risk. Although data security tools are simply one piece of the GDPR compliance ecosystem, they're still a crucial component of shielding client data privacy.