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Evidence Gathering in Jira for product and services with minimal cybersecurity controls

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Predrag Tasevski

Unicis.Tech has joined a fantastic group of contributors to a Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP) project to assist startups and SMEs in tackling cybersecurity and privacy problems early on in order to reduce risks, assure compliance, build consumer confidence, and gain a competitive edge. For this reason we created a Unicis Cybersecurity Control app for Atlassian Jira using the Forge platform as a result.

Unicis Cybersecurity Control (CSC) app for Jira

Cybersecurity Controls app is a solution to improve security checklists based on MVSP and statements of applicability, gaps and evidence gathering, and maturity level in accordance with ISO/IEC 21827:2008 methodology.

The app can be used to provide responses and supporting documentation for requests for proposals, gap self-assessment, and third-party security reviews.


It is build with several features in mind such as:

  • Design in with multiple project and stakeholder checklist tracking.
  • Assign Jira issue as a baseline or a proof of evidence for control and requirements.
  • Utilizing the ISO/IEC 21827:2008 methodology for security maturity level, and provides an interactive dashboard and overview of your company's security baseline posture.
  • Dynamic filter feature on an interactive table based on the current state of the capability model for each section, control, and requirements.
Unicis Platform Beta

With Unicis, you can manage tasks for security, privacy, and compliance team in one place.
Collaborate accross multiple teams about gap analysis, register of procedures and transfer impact assessment.

Minimum Viable Secure Product (MVSP)

MVSP is a security standard for enterprise-ready products and services. By providing a minimal baseline criteria for secure products that is updated annually, and checks that can be applied to even small businesses. There are 25 requirement controls in all, separated into four main components of the checklist:

  1. Business controls
  2. Application design controls
  3. Application implementation controls and
  4. Operational controls

Build for startups and SMEs

The Unicis Cybersecurity Control app and MVSP checklist will assist startups and SMEs to scale, thrive, and prosper in their businesses since it is crucial that security and privacy are ingrained in their DNA from an early stage. Unicis.Tech for Atlassian Jira Cloud, offers an app without charge for the first 10 users, and tier pricing schema.


Please see the demo below, read the Documentation and Try it out from Atlassian Marketplace.



For more info please see the demo video (1:01 minute long):