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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Unicis?
Unicis provides an all-inclusive selection of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) apps through its SaaS Unicis Platform and its Unicis Apps for Atlassian Cloud.
What are Unicis solutions?
We provide comprehensive solutions, such as Privacy & Data Protection Management, Cybersecurity & IT Security Management, and Compliance & Legal solutions, for the legal, privacy, security, and compliance team.
Who are the founders?
Please read more on the About page.
What technology are the Unicis applications based on and how do I get them?
Our FaaS applications were created using the free, server-less development environment Forge from Atlassian. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a self-hosted solution or a solution outside of the Atlassian ecosystem. We offer NextJS-based SaaS apps that may be customized to meet your unique requirements. Whereas, SaaS platform is developed based on Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Postgres, React, Prisma, TypeScript, etc. For more please check the Unicis Platform documentation
What deployment options are Unicis plugins available?
All Unicis plugins are available only for Atlassian Cloud platform. This is due to the Atlassian announcement: Moving from server to cloud for developers. Cloud products are hosted by Atlassian. Server and Data Center products are hosted by yourself. For more details please see Cloud, server, and Data Center for an in-depth comparison of building apps for the different deployment options.
What if Unicis products are not available for my platform?
Even if it isn't listed, we can still simply integrate and embed any of the products and plugins we provide for other platforms. So, if you need technical information, please contact us or reach out to our for Try Unicis PlatformBETA.
Do you store any Personal Data or Customer Data?
We do not store any personal or customer data without any consent. However, due to the concept of integration please be aware of Shared Access Layer (SAL) responsibility. Please go to SLA from Atlassian for further information. For SaaS platform we can offer you to hosted on your own infrastructure, it can deployed in any cloud ready service providers. Please read through our Data Processing Agreement (DPA)
What kind of cloud service provider do Unicis applications support?
We support any cloud service provider, from AWS, Azure and GCP on a request to the clients.
How can you confirm that Unicis products are compliant with legal requirements?
Privacy tools for Unicis Data Management Protection System solutions are build based on the French data protection authority CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés and GDPR compliance toolkit. We make the GDPR compliance toolkit available for organizations in Atlassian products to manage and demonstrate compliance with the regulations, by:
  • records of processing activities,
  • information statements,
  • data protection impact assessments,
  • transfer frameworks,
  • legal frameworks,
  • certifications or codes of conduct.
Which benchmark standards and frameworks can be used for?
Please visit the Benchmark details.
What are advantages of Unicis apps?
  • Unicis apps operate under a second security layer that, by design, imposes tenancy isolation and restricts data egress, giving users control over when and how data leaves the Atlassian cloud.
  • Forge handles tenancy, scaling, identity, and authentication as a FaaS platform.
  • UI kit components match the look and feel of Atlassian products.
What are disadvantages of Unicis apps?
  • The beta version and development of Forge are currently ongoing. For more information see: Forge what’s coming.
  • Some Atlassian Connect features and elements are missing from the UI and Custom kit.
  • Aspects of the UI kit are consistent with the design of Atlassian products.
What is vCISO and vDPO service - CISO-aaS/DPO-aaS?
A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO), or interim CISO/DPO, is a skilled executive who regularly collaborates with businesses to deliver all the crucial cybersecurity and data and privacy support that an internal senior executive would provide, but in a more efficient and cost-effective way.