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About Us

What is Unicis?

Unicis.Tech is a micro-SaaS start-up that was established during the challenging times of the pandemic, and is currently self-funded. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for legal, privacy, security, and compliance teams. Our commitment to this purpose is demonstrated through our provision of complimentary access to our apps for the Atlassian Cloud Platform and Software-as-a-Service tools.
Vision, mission & goal
Our vision is to create a world where compliance is effortless, efficient, and transparent for every business. We strive to achieve this by providing a single, comprehensive application that addresses all compliance, privacy, and security concerns.


At Unicis, we recognize the increasing complexity and burden of managing multiple security, privacy, and compliance tools on a daily basis. This not only causes frustration but also detracts from focusing on crucial responsibilities. To address this issue, we are developing a comprehensive solution specifically tailored for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aimed at streamlining and simplifying the management of these important functions.


Our founder, Predrag, brings over 13 years of experience in various startup environments and is a subject matter expert in cybersecurity and privacy. Through firsthand experience, Predrag recognized the need for a platform that can effectively address security, privacy, and compliance issues in an agile and holistic manner. The existing manual methods were not only labor-intensive and expensive, but also inefficient.


We recognized the need for free tools to assist security, privacy, legal, and compliance teams in their daily work while we worked in the fintech and SMB sectors. We made the decision to begin developing Jira and Confluence Cloud apps utilizing the Atlassian Forge development platform for this reason. With more than 42% of the market, Atlassian's products are well-known and widely used in startups and the technology sector. Additionally, we offer an all-in-one internal SaaS application built using Next.JS and other cloud services for individuals that do not use the Atlassian ecosystem.


We are a global team that prefers to work remotely to avoid incurring additional costs.

Job / Carrier

We're continuously seeking talented individuals to join our team. from sales, marketing, design, project management, and developers using open source, NextJS, React, and NodeJS. Do not be reluctant to contact us.